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green initiatives

Miratel conducts its business activities in an environmentally responsible manner. We take pride in being industry leaders and adopting progressive environmental practices that demonstrate a commitment to our green initiatives. We are constantly evaluating the way we manage our business and services, looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our impact on the planet. Each of our initiatives brings us closer to becoming a truly green call center. Our Toronto call center and its employees embrace these principles that help make us unique in the industry.

A keen attention to sustainability is both the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. Our green initiatives provide a healthier working and living environment for us all.

As Miratel grows, we’ll take the initiative to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices across our company to ensure we remain eco-efficient while encouraging our employees to be green. Working with an eco call center is yet another reason to partner with Miratel.

Our Green Initiatives Include:

Bullfrog Power: Our facilities incorporate renewable energy sources through our partnership with Bullfrog Power.
Recycling Programs: Our goal is to generate zero waste wherever possible. To this end, we have an internal recycling program for paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metals.
Toxin Free Green Cleaning Only: Our goal is to eliminate toxins from the air we breathe. We only partner with Green Cleaning suppliers and conduct our cleaning in-house to ensure adherence to the principals of our green initiatives.
Sustainable Procurement: Wherever possible, we will utilize environmentally-responsible office products and service solutions such as 100% post consumer waste paper.
We provide filtered water and a reusable drinking receptacle to all employees to reduce one-time use drinking containers.
We are members of local Green organizations such as Green Enterprise Toronto and Recycling Council of Ontario.
As members of Freecycle North York, we give away whatever we can't use to them in support of our zero waste mandates.
Responsible Consumption Practices – we power down/off and maintain temperatures cognizant of energy efficiency.
We encourage Tele-conferencing/Web-conferencing with our clients to cut down on carbon emissions associated with traveling.
Communication: Our comprehensive Green Initiatives are designed to empower, engage and educate our employees so that we can work together to make a difference and set a green example in our community. In 2010 we’ve created a green committee of volunteers who actively promote our green initiatives and recommend new ideas.
11. Meatless Monday: We take active participation in and promote the Meatless Monday campaign. Meatless Monday promotes personal and planetary health by encouraging a plant based diet.
12. Carbon Neutral Website: By partnering with CO2 Neutral, carbon emissions from both the website and users of the website have been neutralized by the building of new renewable energy sources and by the purchase of certified CO2 offsets.
13. Complete office lighting retrofit transforming over 200 conventional light fixtures to energy efficient units

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