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Lottery History
Unparalleled Experience
Proven Solutions
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Lottery History back to top
The founding partners and key executives of Miratel have been providing a variety of services to the charitable lottery sector since they were first introduced to the Ontario marketplace in the mid 1990ís. Having played key roles in establishing the lottery call centre service standards, operational protocols and best practices for this vast fundraising initiative, we are proud to continue to raise the bar to this day at Miratel Solutions. We are celebrating over 10 years of service to many of our current lottery clients who have partnered with Miratel and helped us reach this remarkable milestone.

When Miratel was first established in 2000, every decision concerning the strategy and infrastructure of the business, considered the unique needs and demands of our lottery clients. Our entire business model was created to best support the dynamic service requirements of lottery campaigns; our people, telephony, network technology, capacity and even our location were chosen with lottery management in mind. It is no surprise that charitable lottery management has remained the core competency and primary focus of Miratel. We are proud to say that our dedication to excellence in servicing this niche market has been the catalyst for Miratelís over 400% growth to date.

Miratel continues to refine, modernize, innovate and build on our lottery expertise and remains committed to setting the benchmark as the lottery management industry leader. Over time, our solutions have evolved to include the convenience of complete end-to-end lottery solutions all supervised under one roof including:

  • 24 x 7 live response for lottery ticket orders, information inquiries and customer service with 160+ inbound and outbound web-enabled call centre workstations

  • lottery ticket/prize cheque/letter mail fulfillment

  • customized outbound solutions for lottery courtesy calls

  • online ticket ordering

  • mass email deployment

  • draw control

  • financial management for all payment channels

  • Business Continuity Plan protecting our clients with a fully functioning hot site including 40+ additional web-enabled workstations

You can count on Miratel to deliver the results you desire Ė itís what we are destined to do.

Unparalleled Experience
Our lottery experience is unparalleled and we are dedicated to building on that knowledge base so we remain the ideal partner providing best-in-class customized lottery services throughout North America. Our unmatched experience combined with our technology and strategies are all the ammunition you need to exceed the aspirations of your campaign. We could go on and on about the details of our experience and how our team has over 150 years of lottery management experience but we believe the proof is in the pudding.

Since our inception, we have:

  • successfully serviced in excess of 100 individual lottery campaigns

  • professionally represented more than 25 different charitable organizations

  • skillfully received more than 10 million inbound lottery calls

  • expertly placed more than 12 million outbound lottery calls

  • proficiently sold more than 15 million lottery tickets (with capacity to process over 35,000 tickets per day)

  • been honoured to provide services that helped generate over $1.3 billion in gross lottery revenue for our clients
You can rely on Miratel to provide economical solutions that respect your sense of fiscal responsibility while invariably producing the desired results for your lottery campaign. Let our unsurpassed lottery experience be the foundation for the success of your fundraising campaign and you will see the benefits go right to your bottom line. Hire the best - donít settle for anything less.
Proven Solutions
Nothing speaks to the quality and standards of our lottery solutions as effectively as the faith of renewed contracts our loyal clients continue to place in our hands. We consistently deliver cost-effective lottery solutions to our clients that maximize campaign performance, streamline processes, create efficiencies and forge valuable connections with their supporters. We apply our expertise and provide end-to-end solutions that are expansive, flexible and customizable, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and accountability. Miratel molds each lottery solution by combining management efficiency with a complete understanding of each client's distinct needs.

Miratel provides a diverse range of services combined with experience that leverages our core capabilities and exemplifies our vision to be a growing, innovative operation achieving extraordinary results through talented people. We are a licensed gaming supplier who can provide one-stop shopping to service all of your lottery program management needs. Our tailored solutions have helped define the success of our clientís lottery programs and we can do the same for you. Regardless of your service requirement, Miratel has the proven lottery solution for you:

Solutions Services Features and Benefits
Call Centre Inbound Ticket Order Taking
Customer Service Calls
Outbound Courtesy Calls
Donation Calls
Order Follow up Calls
Lottery Market Research Calls

24 x 7 multilingual services
Staff of 250+ experienced lottery agents easily accommodating staffing fluctuations
Over 160 web-enabled workstations
Business Continuity Plan with over 40 web-enabled workstations to safeguard your business against service interruptions
Focused and professional team with over 150 years experience in lottery management
Skilled list and database management
Skillset based routing able to track marketing events with multiple inbound lines/routing options
Fulfillment Ticket printing and mailing
Prize Cheque printing and mailing
Letter Mail printing and mailing
Mail Donation Management
Donation receipting
blue check Mail order receipt, data entry and processing
blue check Stock inventory and management
blue check Winners letter/cheque auditing and winner notifications
blue check Manage ticket sales deadlines/monitor and administer sell out
blue check Processes audited and approved to CICA 5970 standards
eCommerce Online Order Management
Mass email deployment
blue check Customized secure online solution with secured data entry forms
blue check Intrusion detection
Finance Management Payment processing management
Daily deposits of funds and reconciliation of campaign bank accounts
Donation tax processing, receipting and file reporting
blue check Processes audited yearly according to CICA 5970 standards
blue check Secure PCI Compliant credit card authorizations
blue check Daily deposit of all funds and reconciliation of campaign bank accounts and ticket sales
blue check Efficient customer service follow up and resolution to charge-backs, returned cheques, and declined credit card transactions
blue check Charitable Donations processing and receipting
blue check Extensive working history with Scotia Bank, CIBC, RBC, Moneris, Iats and Eigen
Draw Control Performing draws within client timeframes
Analyzing winner database
Winners list report generation according to client specification
blue check Draws performed using voice recognition software providing a high degree of accuracy
blue check Lottery draws conducted by Licensed Gaming Assistants
blue check Winner database management and list creation
Winning Strategies

The service partners you choose will impact the success of your lottery brand and determine the impression left on your supporters for years to come. Choosing the right strategic partners is imperative as they become the backbone of your lottery campaign. You need to rely on experienced professionals that can be counted on to anticipate the dynamic needs of your lottery and exceed your expectations. You can count on Miratelís savvy technology and methodologies to form a strategic plan tailored to achieve your fundraising goals. We share in the belief that cost-effectiveness, professionalism and integrity are paramount to our collective success.

Miratel knows that in order for a lottery program to be successful and reach its full potential, it requires winning strategies such as:

  • a proactive partnership approach that is based on a thorough understanding of your lottery campaign goals and ideals

  • a results-focused, customer-centric leadership team with over 150 years of lottery management experience

  • Employee depth of over 250 motivated Customer Relationship Agents with lottery experience trained to service your supporters to the standards they deserve while honoring all the true principles of a donor relationship that you would anticipate

  • expansive, customizable technology tailored to each clientís individual campaign

  • flexibility to quickly change to meet dynamic market needs

  • a dedication to green initiatives, social responsibility and business

  • a CICA Handbook section 5970 audit performed yearly to ensure the effectiveness of our documented control procedures which are designed to achieve the objectives of our lottery clients

  • flexibility to quickly change to meet dynamic market needs

  • an Ďalways preparedí scheduling model to manage lottery sales volume with extensive experience responding to TV, direct mail, print, radio and online advertising
Robust and Secure Infrastructure
Miratel showcases proven technology to streamline operations, enhance client experience, maximize performance and drive profitable service delivery. The security of our facilities and your data are uncompromised. Our robust infrastructure includes:

  • Over 160 web enabled work stations at main call centre
  • Business Continuity Plan with hot site including 40+ web-enabled workstations
  • 10 T1s  (over 230 lines)
  • Redundant servers with real time data replication and daily offsite backup
  • Redundant and secure online purchasing presence
  • Data and Reports on demand
  • Real-time anti-virus malware
  • Real-time monitoring of critical systems
  • A fully customizable and robust online solution with secured data entry forms
  • dedicated report generation server with 24 hour delivery
  • speech recognition software for accurate draw control
  • customized outbound calling modules
  • real-time productivity monitoring
  • mass email deployment software
  • Secure, PCI compliant data encryption
  • Address verification software
  • Multi-tiered levels of data integrity and process controls to minimize risk
  • 24 hour alarm monitoring
  • Buzz entry with Front desk sign in and badge protocol
  • Keypad entry
  • Video surveillance with motion detection
Competitive Advantage
We have the experience, technology, methodologies and people to ensure your lottery achieves the exceptional results it deserves. Our proven solutions and winning strategies will perform during the most challenging situations and can be depended upon at all times. With over a decade of experience, we continuously look for ways to fine tune our approach so we remain the industry leader in lottery management services. Trust your lottery to Miratel and your lottery will benefit from:
  • Flexible resources that can quickly adapt to the changing needs and influxes of your lottery campaign equating to success for your program

  • A strong, dedicated management team with over 150 years lottery experience to direct every aspect of your lottery program from launch to completion

  • 250+ experienced Customer Relationship Agents ready to service your lottery customers 24 x 7

  • Customized scripting and data fields for each customer contact which can be adjusted throughout the cycle of each program, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is being meticulously captured and referred

  • Accurate data capture through address verification software and credit card validation

  • Secure PCI Compliant credit card processing

  • A yearly audit of our documented controls performed by a reputable third party accounting firm who test and verify the integrity and operating effectiveness of our lottery processes and procedures

  • Secure Facilities

  • Business Continuity Plan complete with hot site that mirrors functionality of main location

Philanthropic organizations of all sizes and scope continue to rely on Miratel to manage their lottery campaigns more than any other lottery service provider. Our knowledge and depth of experience within the lottery marketplace is unparalleled and our proven solutions, winning strategies and robust technology reflect our peerless dedication to the success of our clientís lotteries.

We encourage you to read our testimonials and about our inbound call center, outbound call center, e-Commerce, and letter shop mail services to learn why you should partner with Miratel or you can watch our corporate video to learn more.

Value Added Services:
List Segmentation  |  Customized Flexible Reporting  |  Customized  Scripting  |  Data Mining and Management Credit Card Merchant Account Management   |  PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing  |  24 x 7 x 365 Live Answer  |  Multi-lingual  | Business Continuity Plan to minimize downtime  |  24 hour DNC registration | Daily Off-site backups

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