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value added services

To enhance our core services Miratel provides a wide variety of value added services that will improve your overall results and streamline the process of the projects that we manage for you.

Customized Scripting
Data mining/management
List segmentation
Customized Flexible Reporting
Credit Card Merchant Account Management
PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing 
Daily Off-site backups
Customized Scripting back to top
Following our consultation with you, our customized call scripting software will develop a call flow that is tailored to the specific criteria of your campaign or project.  This will allow us to capture the appropriate data and provide the ideal information/response to successfully manage and maintain client satisfaction through each contact. Customized scripting allows the customer relationship agent to efficiently navigate through each screen to maintain the call flow in a thorough, professional and timely manner.  
Data mining/management back to top
Miratel will identify, query and analyze relevant customer data to generate optimized databases for use in current and future marketing initiatives while providing related customer reporting and predictive modeling. Monitoring historical data patterns is key for resource optimization and increasing overall ROI.  
List segmentation back to top
In order to better your return on investment, creating dialing strategies to target customers based upon relevant information is valuable in increasing your response rates and lowering overall opt out rates. Our call list segmentation is based on varying criteria specific to your targeted group and can include variables such as postal/zip codes, gender/age and salary/job function.  
Customized flexible reporting back to top
Miratel will partner with you to design and then implement customized reporting that assesses any pre-determined captured field of information during the customer contact. You can assess exactly the information you need via customized secure reporting that you will receive as need. You can determine the data to be displayed, report generation timing, export file format and layout to match your preferences. Automated reporting is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  
Credit Card Merchant Account Management back to top
Miratel processes over 2 million credit card transactions yearly via secure FTP and HTTPS. Bank reconciliation is performed daily to ensure current, accurate values are reported. Declined transactions, chargebacks, nsf’s, are all incorporated into our ‘customer follow up’ process and resolved in a courteous and efficient manner. Miratel is PCI compliant.  
PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing  back to top
Miratel utilizes industry standard encryption of all personal payment data to achieve PCI compliance. Detailed access logs of all firewall traffic are captured real time to ensure no external breach or security vulnerabilities. ‘Deny-all’ inbound firewall filters further enhance data security and integrity. Access levels of all data are restricted and limited based on an employee’s security level. Miratel employees with the appropriate credentials access the credit card data for processing via sftp/https.  
Daily Off-site backups back to top
Miratel employs real time replication to our Disaster Recovery Site with a maximum latency of less than 15 minutes of all data. Backups occur daily with offsite storage of the previous 15 days data as well as monthly and yearly backups providing security that your data is safe.  

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