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10 Best Cities of the Future 2013/2014

It has been interesting to see how Canada has endured the recent economy in comparison to other countries  but then again, I tend to enjoy seeing how our fair Nation (and our city of Toronto) rank on various global scales like the best country to live, the smartest countries, the best countries for higher education, the happiest countries, the  most peaceful countries, the most sustainable countries, the friendliest countries, the most charitable countries, the most prosperous countries, the best countries for quality of life, the best countries for business, the top countries for life expectancy, the best countries for working women, the best country for world travel & tourism, the best countries for human development, the best countries from social progress, the most popular countries, the least corrupt countries, the best countries for paid vacation daysthe countries with the best reputation, the best countries for global professionals,  the most livable city, the best city to live, the greenest city, the best city for opportunity, the best city for quality of livingthe most competitive cities and the smartest cities in the world. Today, I’ll be adding to this list with the 10 best cities from the American Cities of the Future 2013/14 report.

The American Cities of the Future 2013/14 report was released by fDi Magazine, “the flagship publication for the fDi Intelligence portfolio and is published by The Financial Times Ltd.” Since its launch in 2011, it has become firmly established as the “leading title for the business of globalization.

The American Cities of the future 2013/14 title may be misleading as the reports were based on 422 cities in both North and South America. The methodology used included collecting data based on how the cities scored in six categories: economic potential, human resources, cost effectiveness, infrastructure, business friendliness and the newly added foreign direct investment (FDI) Strategy. “Cities scored up to a maximum of 10 points under each datapoint, which was weighted by importance to the FDI decision-making process in order to compile both the subcategory rankings as well as the overall American Cities of the Future 2013/14 ranking.

According to this methodology, the 10 best American cities are:

  1. 10-best-cities-of-the-future-2013New York, New York, USA
  2. São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
  3. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  4. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  5. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  6. Houston, Texas, USA
  7. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  8. San Francisco, California, USA
  9. Chicago, Illinois, USA
  10. Miami, Florida, USA

The 10 best North American cities are:

  1. New York, New York, USA
  2. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  4. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  5. Houston, Texas, USA
  6. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  7. San Francisco, California, USA
  8. Chicago, Illinois, USA
  9. Miami, Florida, USA
  10. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Montreal was 1st for Best Major American City for FDI and Toronto came in 2nd in the category and also ranked 4th on the list of the cities with the most economic potential. These rankings achieved by Toronto, point “to the city’s role as a major player in the North American market.” As noted in the American Cities of the Future 2013/14 report, “Toronto is the financial services capital of Canada, and the fastest growing financial centre in North America… the Toronto region boasts North America’s third largest ICT [Information and Communications Technology] cluster.” Congrats to all the Canadian cities but a little extra shout-out to our hometown.


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