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10 Best Countries with the Highest Average Salary

Being a Canadian contact centre we try to keep apprised of how our country and its cities compare on the world’s stage and we have featured this interest in posts like best country to livesmartest countries, the happiest countries, the  most peaceful countries, the friendliest countries, the most charitable countries, the best countries for quality of life, the best countries for business, the top countries for life expectancy, the best countries for working women, the best country for child well-being, the best countries from social progress, the best countries for higher education, the most popular countries, the least corrupt countries, the countries with the best reputation, the best countries for ease of doing business, the best countries for starting a business, the best country for business, the best country for customer satisfaction, the most gay positive country, the best countries with the most competitive economies, the best countries for entrepreneurship, the most sustainable countries, the best countries to grow old, the best country brand, the most youthful cities, the best cities to live for opportunity, the best countries for business, the most sustainable countries, the most charitable countriesthe most prosperous countries, the countries with the highest minimum wage, the safest countries, the best cities to live in Canada and the world’s cleanest cities. Today we’re featuring the 10 best countries with the highest average salary.

This list was compiled by The Richest and though “there are a host of other factors to consider, like tax rates, cost of living, security, welfare packages, etc, it may be safe to say that these are the countries where you want to live in.” Their reasoning is that the higher the average income the better it is for the citizens of that country. Based on this reasoning, the 10 best countries with the highest average salary are:

  1. canada-flag-best-countries-for-highest wagesUnited States – Average salary: $42,050 per year. Despite the unstable economy the United States has had in the last few years, they not only have the highest income, but also the highest disposable income.
  2. Ireland – Average salary: $41,170 per year. What helps Ireland is that they have a well educated workforce and a low tax rate.
  3. Luxembourg – Average salary: $37,997 per year. They are the second largest investment fund center, which helps to build their economy and salaries.
  4. Switzerland – Average salary: $35,471 per year. Their manufacturing sector, which is prominently health and pharmaceutical products, helps their salaries.
  5. Australia – Average salary: $34,952 per year. Things are looking up for Australia as their disposable income increased by $800.
  6. United Kingdom – Average salary:  $33,513 per year. Nearly 75 percent of their gross domestic product comes from the service industry, which is related to tourism. The UK is the world’s sixth most popular tourist destination.
  7. Canada – Average salary: $32,662 per year. Canada is one of the few net energy exporters in the world. They are also one of the major producers of minerals and agricultural goods “from zinc, uranium, gold, nickel, aluminum and lead to wheat, canola and other kinds of grains.”
  8. Norway – Average salary: $31,101 per year. High productivity levels and low unemployment rates has helped Norway’s work force.
  9. South Korea – Average salary: $31,051 per year. They are the tenth largest exporter and sixth largest importer in the world.
  10. Netherlands – Average salary: $29,269 per year. The Netherlands is home to the largest port in Europe, which helps support their economy.

Canada “is one of the few developed nations in the world that is actually a net exporter of energy. It has vast oil and gas resources. Oil sands have also made Canada the owner of the second largest proven oil reserves in the world, just after Saudi Arabia.”  Good for the economy not so good for the environment so I’m a bit conflicted.

In short, the average salary of a country’s workforce can be an indicator of the health of that country’s economy.


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