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10 Greenest Cities in Canada and the US

Being a Toronto call centre that is green powered, we were particularly interested in today’s post. Inspired by Earth Month (although one could argue that every month is Earth Month), we are exploring the greenest cities in Canada and the US. We recently featured the cleanest cities in Canada and the USA and before that a variety of other rankings including best country to livesmartest countries, the happiest countries, the  most peaceful countries, the friendliest countries, the most charitable countries, the best countries for quality of life, the best countries for business, the top countries for life expectancy, the best countries for working women, the best country for child well-being, the best countries for higher education, the most popular countries, the least corrupt countries, the countries with the best reputation, the best countries for ease of doing business, the best countries for starting a business, the best country for business, the best country for customer satisfaction, the most gay positive country, the best countries with the most competitive economies, the best countries for entrepreneurship, the most sustainable countries, the best countries to grow old, the best country brand, the best countries for business, the most sustainable countries, the most charitable countriesthe most prosperous countries, the countries with the highest minimum wage, the safest countries, the best countries with the highest average salary, the best cities to visit in Canada, the most expensive cities to live in Canada, the best countries for women on corporate boards, the most liveable cities for expats, the safest cities to live, the best cities in the world to live and the most livable cities

Today we’ll delving into the 10 Greenest Cities in Canada and the US from the US and Canada Green City Index, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (E.I.U) and sponsored by Siemens. Through their work they sought to “measure and comparegreenest cities in Canada and the USA the environmental performance of 27 major US and Canadian cities across 9 categories.” Those 9 categories were C02, energy, land use, buildings, transport, water, waste, air, and environmental governance. Based on the data collected, the 10 greenest cities in Canada and the US are:

  1. San Francisco – Total score: 83.80. Second place finishes in both buildings and transport were where San Francisco ranked highest.
  2. Vancouver – Total score: 81.30. Vancouver’s best category on the index was first place in the C02 category.
  3. New York – Total score: 79.20. A first place finish in transport and environmental governance was where New York received its highest scores.
  4. Seattle – Total score: 79.10. Seattle’s best score was first place in the buildings category.
  5. Denver – Total score: 73.50. First place in both energy and environmental governance were Denver’s best score.
  6. Boston – Total score: 72.60. Boston scored second in land and C02 and fourth in land use.
  7. Los Angeles – Total score: 72.50. The highest score that Los Angeles achieved was fifth place in energy and environmental governance.
  8. Washington – Total score: 71.40. Washington was tied for first in environmental governance and that was its highest score.
  9. Toronto – Total score: 68.40. The highest score Toronto recieved was fourth place in waste.
  10. Minneapolis – Total score: 67.70. Minneapolis’ best score was second place in the land use category.

It should be noted that other Canadian cities that made the list included Ottawa (12th place), Calgary (14th place), and Montreal (19th place) of the 27 cities included in the Index. Though Canadian cities did well on the list this serves to highlight not only what they should be praised for, but also the areas in need of improvement.


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