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10 Most Visible Companies with the Best Reputation

A company’s reputation is very important to their overall success. What makes up a big part of a good reputation is trust the public has in your brand and the CSR business values of the business. I have previously written about companies who are getting this right in posts like the 50 Best Corporate Citizens in Canada 2012, the 30 Top Green Organizations in Canada According to Employee Engagement, the 55 Greenest Canadian Employers, the 50 Top Diversity Employers in Canada, the Top 50 Canadian CSR Business ListCanada’s Top Employers for 2013,  the top 10 Canadian boards according to gender representation, the Top Canadian Boards According to Visible Minority and Aboriginal Representation, the 10 Top Sustainable Companies from the 2013 Global 100 Listthe 100 best corporate citizens list, the  12 top countries represented in the Global 100: World Leaders in Clean Capitalism, the 10 Green Business Leaders from Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2013, the 10 Green Business Leaders, the B Corp Best for the World List, the top foreign corporate citizens in Canada and the most reputable companies. Today I’m adding to this list by featuring the top 10 visible companies with the best reputation from the Harris Poll 2013 RQ® Summary Report released by Harris Interactive.

Harris Interactive “is the leading global independent research organization focused on delivering proprietary custom research to its clients while also providing public opinion research on issues facing society, business, and governments.” This is the 14th edition of this annual report based 20 Attributes folded into 6 Dimensions: i) Social Responsibility (supports good causes, environmental responsibility and community Responsibility); ii) Emotional Appeal (feel good about, trust, and admire and respect); iii) Products & Services (high quality, innovative, value for money and stands behind the company); iv) Workplace Environment (rewards employees fairly, good place to work and good employees); v) Financial Performance (outperforms competitors, record of profitability, low risk investment and growth prospects; and vi) Vision & Leadership (market opportunities, excellent leadership and clear vision for the future).

According to the report, characteristics that separate the great companies have shifted from two years ago. “Great company” drivers cited in this year’s report included: Plays a valuable social role; Good company to work for; and Good feeling about the company. These new drivers support the growing importance of CSR business values as they are now a factor in being competitive in today’s marketplace. According to the Harris Poll 2013 Reputation Quotient (RQ) Summary Report, the 10 visible companies with the best reputation are:

  1. Amazon.com – RQ: 82.62
  2. Apple – RQ: 82.54
  3. The Walt Disney Company – RQ: 82.12
  4. Google – RQ: 81.32
  5. Johnson & Johnson – RQ: 80.95
  6. The Coca-Cola Company – RQ: 80.39
  7. Whole Foods Market – RQ: 78.65
  8. Sony – RQ: 78.29
  9. Procter & Gamble Co. – RQ: 77.98
  10. Costco – RQ: 77.95

The following scale will help to better understand the RQ scores: 80 & above = excellent; 75-79 = very good; 70-74 = good; 65-69 = fair; 55-64 = poor; 50-54 = very poor; and below 50 is critical.

This list demonstrates that, arguably, some of the best and most recognizable brands in the world are demonstrating their CSR business values to help improve their overall reputation. Let’s hope that this is a growing trend and that more companies will aim to emulate them. I know Miratel does.


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