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10 Most Youthful Cities to Live 2014

As a Toronto call centre, we’re always interested in seeing how our city and country stacks up internationally. We’ve explored the topic in posts like posts like best country to livesmartest countries, the happiest countries, the  most peaceful countries, the most sustainable countries, the friendliest countries, the most charitable countries, the most prosperous countries, the best countries for quality of life, the best countries for business, the top countries for life expectancy, the best countries for working women, the best country for child well-being, the best countries from social progress, the best countries for higher education, the most popular countries, the least corrupt countries, the countries with the best reputation, the best countries for ease of doing business, the best countries for starting a business, the best country for business, the best country for customer satisfaction, the most gay positive country, the best countries with the most competitive economies, the best countries for entrepreneurship, the most sustainable countries, the best countries to grow old, the best country brand and the best city according to the brand Index. Today, we’ll be adding the 10 most youthful cities from Decode’s 2014 YouthfulCities Index which “ranks the world’s top cities from a youth perspective, amplifying the voice of urban youth globally while inspiring change locally.

For the 2014 YouthfulCities Index, Decode ranked cities in 16 Categories: civic participation, diversity, internal transportation, digital access, environmental sustainability, safety & mental health, education access, youth 10-most-youtful-cities-2014employment, entrepreneurship, financial access, economic status, food & nightlife, music & film, fashion & art, regional & global connectivity and public space, sport & gaming. Additionally “1600 youth completed the 10-question survey, giving [them] insight into what matters most to a small sampling of youth in [the] 25 cities [study].” This was so they could capture a comprehensive view of life in each city. For the purpose of this study anyone between the ages of 15-29 were defined as being youthful. Based on the data collected, the 10 most youthful cities of 2014 are:

  1. Toronto, Canada – Score: 843.85
  2. Berlin, Germany – Score: 836.44
  3. New York City, United States – Score: 831.98
  4. Dallas, United States – Score: 784.06
  5. Paris, France – Score: 775.25
  6. Chicago, United States – Score: 774.53
  7. London, England – Score: 762.40
  8. Los Angeles, United States – Score: 754.39
  9. Tokyo, Japan – Score: 735.91
  10. Seoul, South Korea – Score: 723.59

“More than half of the world’s population is under 30 and more than half live in cities. It’s clear that cities will shape our world. And it is clear that the cities that will thrive and prosper are those that are able to attract and empower young people.” Robert Barnard, co-founder of YouthfulCities.

Understanding the power of youth and social media, they are encouraging people to join the conversation and discuss this study on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #YOUTHFULCITIES.

It seems the recipe for Toronto’s success has been attracting and keeping young professionals. Congratulations Toronto!


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7 Responses to 10 Most Youthful Cities to Live 2014

  1. But where are Scandinavian countries where social standards of living and ecology are higher than those in the listed countries? And people of Denmark actually are the happiest people in the world (just statistics for a last year).
    The listed countries are nice just to visit, I think, but not to live.

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