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10 Tips for Maximizing Nonprofit Fundraising Efforts Through Facebook

In yesterday’s blog I wrote about how nonprofit fundraising could benefit from a Facebook presence and I am continuing that today with 10 tips for nonprofits when developing its presence on Facebook:

  1. Page Creation – The first step is creating an engaging presence through a well thought out and creative Facebook Page.  The landing page (the first page your new supporter sees when they visit your page) needs to be visually appealing, while communicating the message of your cause. Be sure to incorporate SEO keywords to optimize your Facebook content.nonprofit-fundraising-facebook-10-tips
  2. Square Avatar – Creating a square Avatar that includes your nonprofit organizations logo and is consistent with your brand will ensure that all wall postings and interactions with supporters is easily identifiable.  Once created the same avatar can be used in other social media networks.
  3. Facebook Widgets – It’s incredibly important for nonprofits to include a Facebook widget on the home/main page of their website, newsletters, email communications and ‘Thank you for your donation’ landing pages linking directly to their Facebook page.  A successful Facebook fundraising/engagement program requires exposure.  Supporters need to be directed as to where to find you, therefore make your Facebook presence known. You should also include it in the email signatures of all employees.
  4. Wall Accessibility – The key to a successful presence on Facebook is giving your supporters the ability to communicate with your nonprofit.  Many nonprofits make the mistake of not allowing users to post comments and share information on the wall of their page.  However, Facebook has settings which notify you of postings to your wall and therefore gives you the power to moderate these.
  5. Integrate Other Networks – Several applications can be added to your Facebook Page, including Twitter and YouTube.  Adding these gives your supporters a central point to view information that you are sharing in these other platforms, while also directing them to these other platforms where they can also become followers and increase their engagement.
  6. Meaningful Content vs. Spam – It’s important to keep your supporters informed by updating your organizations status and share information that is timely and relevant, but avoid over posting.  Aim to post 4-6 times per week, as an overabundance of posts can annoy your ‘Likers’ and may lead them to ‘Unlike’ and/or unsubscribe to your posts, ultimately negating your efforts to engage them.
  7. Send ‘Updates’ – A feature not commonly known are ‘Updates’ that can be sent to all your ‘Likers’.  These updates may include new fundraising initiatives, completed campaigns, an engaging story relating to your cause and updates of milestones reached.  ‘Updates’ are sent to your ‘Likers’ Facebook email and it encourages your fan base to visit your page and your website.  Sending one to two updates per month ensures you engage without being perceived as a Spammer.
  8. Track ‘Insights’ – Facebook provides reporting, ‘Insights’ that keeps track of ‘Likes’, ‘Reach’, ‘Visits’ and ‘Talking About This’.  The reporting is very detailed and in some cases can be broken down by gender, age range and region/location.  These reports are critical to ensure one is informed of who is being engaged, what they are talking about and what sources or referrals are being effective.
  9. You Reap What You Sow – Simply creating a Facebook Page and sitting back will not garner any results.  You get the best results by putting in the time and effort.  It takes consistent ‘Status Updates’ and sharing meaningful content that will engage supporters before any significant return on investment is seen.
  10. It Takes Patience & Time – Success does not happen overnight.  In fact, it takes some considerable time (provided a conscientious effort is given) before growth of your Facebook community is seen.  It’s not uncommon for it to take 2-3 years or 5,000 ‘Likers’ before significant traction or activity can be seen.

You may feel discouraged or like giving up along the way but with patience and persistence positive results will be seen. I’ll revisit more tips and advice to maximize nonprofit fundraising efforts through Facebook and other social media channels in future posts.
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