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11 Revealing Stats from Report on Mobile Nonprofit Fundraising via Text

The advancement of technology, social media, online giving platforms and mobile devices have revolutionized nonprofit fundraising , donor engagement and the business of professional fundraising in general. In the past 2-3 years there has been a tremendous increase in the purchase and use of mobile smart phones that allow consumers to be connected and engaged wherever and whenever. 2011 also saw a major increase of tablet users in the market place. Industry leaders anticipate this trend to continue and predict that the use of these mobile devices (both smart phones and tablets) will overtake laptops and PC’s by 2013.

Research shows that 20% of American adults have made a donation online, while 9% have made a text donation. The success and popularity of text donations experienced tremendous growth following the devastating Haitian earthquake when Americans rallied and made an estimated $43 million in donations by text. 74% of surveyed individuals indicated that their text donation for the Haitian relief efforts was the first time they gave through this channel.  professional-fundraising-mobile-donating-nonprofit-fundraising 

The Real Time Charitable Giving study was the first of its kind and was commissioned by the Pew Internet Project & American Life Project, in partnership with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, the Knight Foundation and the mGive Foundation. The study focused on “why mobile phone users texted millions of dollars in aid to Haiti earthquake relief and how they got their friends to do the same” with the hopes of better understanding the world of mobile giving and the possible challenges it faces in keeping mobile donors engaged. Conducted from September to October of 2011, 863 individuals who gave to the ‘Text for Haiti’ campaign were surveyed.

A main characteristic of a text donor based on the results from the survey is that they are avid technological users and more socially connected than the average American adult. Meaning that they are more likely to own a mobile device, use social media platforms such as Twitter and use their phone to access the internet, take pictures/video and use email. Another interesting fact to note is that mobile donors tend to be younger and more ethnically diverse than the average traditional donor. 11 other revealing stats to note from the study include:

  1. 64% of Haiti mobile/text donors were female
  2. 81% had some post-secondary education or were college graduates
  3. 43% were between the ages of 30 to 49
  4. 72% had an income greater than $30,000
  5. 80% reported text giving as the only method they used to give to Haiti’s relief efforts
  6. 56% made donations for other disaster relief efforts following the Haitian disaster
  7. 73% made same day contributions
  8. 76% of mobile donors gave impulsively without research
  9. 89% were made aware about text giving through television marketing
  10. 58% have followed or monitored reconstruction efforts either somewhat closely or not closely at all
  11. 80% don’t recall having received any follow up communications  regarding Haiti’s reconstruction

Mobile giving is emerging as a new channel that is convenient and accessible to donors and that can easily raise millions of dollars. However, challenges may arise involving how to engage and build on the relationship with the supporter that began with the text donation. Keeping this group connected to the cause may be more difficult than traditional donors. Mobile giving may not be the ideal platform for all nonprofits, but can be successful for organizations where there is a sense of urgency in their message and mission and can easily appeal to technically savvy impulse donors.

It’s important for those of us working in the professional fundraising sector to stay abreast as this channel continues to develop so we can better understand the motivations of mobile donors and if/how we should/can engage and build on that relationship.   
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