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5 Areas of Interest for Nonprofit Fundraising from The Millennial Impact Report 2012

Last year I wrote about the 2011 Millennial Impact Report and how to apply the findings to nonprofit fundraising for this growing demographic. Millennial donors (aged 20-35), are a unique group that is technically savvy and socially connected. The null has now been released, led by Achieve and Johnson Grossnickle Associateswith the help of 14 other research partners. The report is based on the responses of 6,522 Millennials who completed an online survey January 2012. In addition, focus groups were held in three U.S. cities along with an online survey completed by 89 nonprofit professionals.

The latest report covers a variety of areas including how new media marketing channels engage a highly educated demographic with a midlevel income. As well as a variety of tips for nonprofits to consider when implementing and executing their marketing strategies. The following 5 areas are of particular interest to nonprofits:

  1. Social Media. It’s important that nonprofits have a social media strategy to increase engagement, as social media is key to reaching and connecting with Millennials. 67% have interacted with a nonprofit through Facebook and although fewer millennials are interacting with nonprofits on Twitter(28%), it’s still an effective method of engaging those that prefer smaller concise messages. It’s important to keep the information shared and tweeted fresh and varied for best results. Nonprofits need to use social media effectively when engaging millennials and encourage sharing by making it easy.


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  2. Smartphones. 77% of Millennials own a smartphone and almost 80% of respondents with a smart phone have used it to connect with a nonprofit. As the primary channel is email (67%), correspondence and websites should be mobile optimized and include contact information such as telephone number, email and address. One thing to keep in mind is that millennials do not prefer texting as a communication channel as it’s considered more personal.
  3. Website. As Millennials learn about nonprofits mainly through websites 65%, social media 55%, e-newsletters 47%, the organizations website should be the hub through which to connect with the millennial donor. By taking a multi-channel approach to include social media, email, mobile marketing and have these various platforms interconnected to the website will have further reach. The website must look professional and have a clear, concise message with a strong call to action as 70% of millennials made their donations online in 2011. Be sure to also include captivating images especially ones that personalize the cause and a prominent newsletter registration.
  4. Email. As 47% of respondents preferred email as a channel to learn about a nonprofit and receive news and updates, it’s important that the following factors are considered. Correspondence should contain a strong subject line, with a single-focus purpose and contain a listing of upcoming events and volunteering opportunities along with links to additional information. Donate now and social media icons with links should also be present. Too frequent e-newsletters/emails are frowned upon and leads to an increase in unsubscribe rates.
  5. Volunteering. When it comes to volunteering 63% of millennials volunteered for a nonprofit in 2011. Most prefer short term commitments (58%) and learning about opportunities through their peers (81%). 40% have never been asked taking a leadership role. Nonprofits should consider targeting volunteering opportunities to millennials, as those that volunteer their time often make larger donations. They also become ambassadors for the cause or nonprofit with 70% of respondents confirming they have raised money on behalf of a nonprofit.

There is much more information contained in this 35 page report beneficial for nonprofits to review and apply to their strategies when engaging the millennial donor so null.

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