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5 Industry Leaders Combine CSR Business Values for Development of Products Made Entirely From Plants

CSR business initiatives can be any effort a company makes that improves the social or environmental condition. Depending on the size of the company, the efforts can definitely range and include fundraising events, donation-match programs with a charity or group volunteering to name a few. If your company is large enough and can invoke even greater change you can have even greater impact. Such is the case when Coca-Cola, Ford, Heinz, NIKE, and Procter & Gamble get together.

The five large conglomerates have joined together to collaborate in the development of a new sustainable type of plastic through the formation of Plant PET Technology Collaborative (PTC). PTC is “a strategic working group focused on accelerating the development and use of 100% plant-based PET materials and fibre in their products. PET, also known as polyethylene terephthalate, is a durable, lightweight plastic that is used by all member companies in a variety of products and materials including plastic bottles, apparel, footwear and automotive fabric and carpet.Plant-PET-Technology-Collaborative-csr-business-

Coca-Cola first developed the plant-based PET materials with their PlantBottle™ packaging technology. PlantBottle™ used a lower percentage of plastic than its traditional counterpart and has a lower environmental impact. The PlantBottle™ was so successful, in regards to its environmental impact, that Heinz licensed the material and is currently using it in select Ketchup bottles in both Canada and the United States.

The current PlantBottle™ is the basis for the PTC’s new 100% plant-based PET materials and fibre. The collective is going to leverage the work already done by Coca-Cola so they can further develop the material. Examples of the far-reaching impact that this new material can have are the companies involved in its development. The five corporations who are spearheading this represent the food, soft drink, car, clothing, sporting goods and household products industries. This product has the ability to change many sectors and help eliminate waste from landfills while allowing consumers to reduce their carbon footprint with the products they purchase everyday.

Erin Simon, Senior Program Officer of Packaging for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has said of the collaboration, “Sustainably managing our natural resources and finding alternatives to fossil fuels are both business and environmental imperatives. It’s encouraging to see these leading companies use their market influence to reduce dependence on petroleum-based plastics. We hope other companies will follow their lead.

WWF’s wish for other companies to follow will most likely come to fruition given the players in the collaboration that are spearheading this endeavour and their leading positions in their respective industries. Consumers are becoming savvier, meaning that CSR business initiatives – including both social and environmental practices – are more important than ever. When industry leaders set a new standard they are in essence changing the status quo for their competitors to keep up with. This collaboration will not just benefit the environment, but it will build brand loyalty with consumers who are trying to live in a more eco-conscious manner while still supporting the brands they have come to love.

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