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8 Types of Online Videos to Help Increase Supporter Engagement and Nonprofit Fundraising

This past Friday I wrote about the 2012 DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards which is a YouTube competition for nonprofit videos that were created in 2011. Whether or not you intend to submit a video before the deadline tomorrow, Wednesday February 29th, there is no denying the value and power of online video marketing on nonprofit fundraising, brand awareness, supporter engagement and more.

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If you have never produced a video before, the thought of creating one can be daunting. Common misconceptions are that it is costly and requires more technological resources than generally available but that is no longer the case. There was a time when producing a video was very costly but technical advancements have streamlined the process making it more accessible. Creating your own in-house online video is relatively inexpensive as once it is conceptualized the producing, editing and distributing can be done free through user friendly tools that even the most inexperienced can navigate their way through and make a quality video.

A key part of conceptualizing is determining what type(s) of online video you want to create to best represent the nonprofit’s brand and message. 8 online video types you may want to consider are:

  1. Welcome Video. Producing a video for posting on the main page of your website, blog or social media pages has several benefits. It welcomes your visitors and introduces them to your organization without them having to read or search for information. It also increases engagement and develops a personal connection while keeping them on your site longer.
  2. Branding Video. Helps your organization quickly relay your mission and vision to the viewer. It lets them better understand the work you do and why it is important. Often both a welcome video and branding video can be combined into one however, depending on the goals of the marketing plan these can be more effective as two separate videos for use in different contexts.
  3. Appeal Video. Although relatively self-explanatory, it’s important that an appeal video does not come across as a heavy ask. Since the engagement is already stronger through a video format, a heavy ask could become off-putting to the viewer and ultimately negate your efforts through this medium.  
  4. Expert Video. Having an expert speak on behalf of the nonprofit’s cause and relaying the importance of the organization’s work has a strong impact on viewers and helps increase credibility. For example, the expert could give current statistics, latest trends and advancements that tie directly into the work being done by the cause.
  5. Educational Video. Informs the viewer and provides relevant and timely information in areas related to the nonprofit’s cause. For example, these could be tips on prevention of some kind or how-to videos. Interestingly to note, how-to videos are very popular on YouTube.
  6. Informative Video. Provides viewers with details relating to fundraising goals the organization has reached and/or how funds raised have been used to further the mission or cause. It’s an excellent way to keep supporters abreast of accomplishments while maintaining a high level of transparency.  
  7. Testimonial Video. Personifies the purpose of the cause and gives donors the satisfaction that their contribution has made a difference while building on the personal connection. Hearing straight from those who directly benefited from the support and generosity of the donor is a great way to say and hear thank you.
  8. Thank You Video. Much like the testimonial video the thank you video personifies the cause to the donors which will make your thank you stand out from the rest. Supporters can be overwhelmed with emails, tweets, updates and other text-based communications so your thank you video may be a welcomed break that will build on the existing relationship. Keep it short, positive and in-keeping with your brand messaging and mission.

Keep in mind that videos can be produced in two different formats: “on-camera” or “off-camera”. Both are similarly easy to produce and depend largely on the available resources of the organization. “On-camera” requires talent that is comfortable in front of the camera whereas “off-camera” relies more on a series of graphic images or a prepared presentation slide show. Both are equally effective as long as they are true to the brand and purpose of the nonprofit and its online video marketing plan.

Once you have decided to take the leap, start planning and conceptualizing because that is critical to a strong and successful online video marketing plan. I will write about effective tips to producing successful “on-camera” videos in Thursday’s blog so stay ‘tuned’.   

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