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Giving Back is Good CSR Business for ONEHOPE Wine

I have written about many companies that have been formed around the personal and CSR business values of its founders. Combining philanthropic missions with commerce is a growing retail trend and when done right, everyone wins.

TOMS Shoes“One for One” concept is the pioneer of this retail movement which has been followed by TOMS Eyewear, Warby Parker and Moraleyes. Other companies such as Edun, Sevenly, Seven Virtues and Project 360 take a different (but very effective) approach and you can add ONEHOPE Wine to that list.

“Sometimes people find causes, other times causes find people. Such is the case with the founders of ONEHOPE. ONEHOPE was started by eight friends who turned what started as a personal mission to help out a friend with her fight against cancer into a thriving business which is founded on a very basic, but compelling principle: giving back is good business.”

csr-business-onehope-wineSince ONEHOPE Wine launched in 2007 it has established itself as one of the most recognizable philanthropic retail brands in the United States of America. The company’s rapid growth over the past three years can be attributed to its respected and positive presence in many charitable fields. Another reason for its popularity can be its hard work and dedication which lead to them being selected the “socially conscious wine of choice at several hundred premier events” including:

  • The Grammy’s;
  • The American Red Cross Gala;
  • The BAFTA’s;
  • Sundance Film Festival; and
  • VH1 Save the Music.

ONEHOPE Wine works on the premise that when a customer purchases a bottle of wine, a portion of the proceeds go to the ONEHOPE foundation. The foundation then donates 100% of those profits back to the partner charities. In fact ONEHOPE has raised over $400,000 for a wide range of charitable organizations as each variety of wine is associated to a select cause that is clearly displayed on the bottles label:

  • The California Sauvignon Blanc’s charity is Supporting Our Planet and for every bottle purchased ONEHOPE will plant a tree.
  • The California Cabernet Sauvignon is in support of Autism and “50% of the profits generated by every bottle of goes toward grants for underprivileged families coping with autistic children.”
  • 50% of the proceeds of the California Chardonnay go to breast cancer research.
  • 50% of the profits from the California Merlot go towards the fight against AIDS.
  • “ONEHOPE donates 50% of the profits garnered from the sale of every bottle of ONEHOPE Zinfandel towards Troops and their families.”
  • Profits from the Pinot Noir go to helping children’s hospitals.

This is an innovative and charitable way to stand out in a wine market that is crowded and competitive. Companies who make giving back and cause awareness a part of their CSR business model are becoming increasingly popular and it is only for the collective good. More and more consumers are showing their support for brands that are aligned with their values as they prefer their purchases have a purpose. People want their hard earned money to do some good and “HOPE is all about making the world better, and giving people an easy way to make a difference.”
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