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Key findings about major gifts from nonprofit fundraising survey

Acquiring major gifts is a difficult task for all charities regardless of the size, budget and reach of their nonprofit fundraising strategies. Major gifts are large donations that come from individuals or corporations and the amount that defines “large” can range by organization and even year-to-year depending on growth. According to The 2015 State of Major Gift Fundraising survey,

  • 43.74% of nonprofits feel that donations $1,000.00+ constitutes a major gift; and
  • 35.90% of nonprofits place that amount at $10,000.00+ major-gift-nonprofit-fundraising-bloomerang

Bloomerang conducted The 2015 State of Major Gift Fundraising survey and compiled results from “more than 700 nonprofits and advice from top major gift fundraisers in North America.” Based on the data collected during this survey, Bloomerang created an infographic (at right) with some key findings that I have highlighted below:

  • 53.37% of nonprofits consider multiple major gifts to be absolutely vital;
  • 58.87% of nonprofits do not have a major gift strategy;
  • 67.54% of nonprofits do not have a dedicated, full-time major gift fundraiser

Although the majority of nonprofits recognize major gifts as a vital part of fundraising, they neither have a dedicated fundraiser nor a strategy for acquiring or retaining these gifts. Perhaps this stems from a lack of resources as:

  • 75.32% of nonprofits said a lack of investment is why they don’t do major gift fundraising.

Although not every organization can afford a full time fundraiser for these types of donations, it is still important to keep major gift acquisition an ongoing priority in your overall fundraising plans as:

  • 88% of total dollars raised comes from 12% of donors.

For those who don’t have a major gift strategy, the profile of the ideal major gift donor is one who:

  • Is already in your donor database;
  • Has a deep passion for your mission;
  • Has been giving to your organization for five years or more’
  • Has the financial capacity for a major gift;
  • Is a current or former board member or volunteer

Knowing the profile and habits of a major gift donor can help with customizing your approach to their individual preferences. Five things to look for during prospect research are:

  • Previous giving to your nonprofit
  • Giving to other nonprofits
  • Participation as a foundation trustee
  • Federal political giving
  • Real estate ownership

Take a moment to review the full infographic and survey details released by Bloomerang along with their Major Gift Giving Done Easy Slideshare presentation for more information on how to approach and engage this important segment of the fundraising market. Donations are the lifeblood of all nonprofits and major gifts, when targeted correctly, can be an essential part of an organization’s successful fundraising strategies.


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One Response to Key findings about major gifts from nonprofit fundraising survey

  1. Melanie Johnson

    I find with a lot of smaller charities, they have new people heading up their fundraising events each year. which goes along with the statement, “that they don’t have a dedicated fundraiser” on staff. Some volunteers have more experience than others so the fundraising from year to year and securing a major donor can be inconsistent.

    Melanie Johnson

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