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Overcoming More Social Media Challenges for Stronger Nonprofit Supporter Engagement in 2014

Despite social media continuing to grow and become an integral component of engagement and communication strategies in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, many fundraisers still find challenges in maintaining a presence that produces worthwhile results. This is evidenced by the estimated 13% of fundraising generated through online channels according to Blackbaud’s Index latest results. Recently I made 5 Predictions for Nonprofit Fundraising in Social Media and Content Marketing for 2014 which included increased investment, diversification, evolving content and an increase in mobile optimization and platforms that help calculate ROI.

Yet some organizations have still not given social media the attention that it deserves because of perceived challenges which I began writing about in an earlier post, Overcoming Social Media Challenges. In this previous post, I included how to use social media platforms and what content to create and share and today I am sharing strategies in overcoming two more social media challenges that nonprofits face:

Challenge #3 Lack of Time and Challenge #4 Lack of Money

Time Saving Tools – There are many time saving tools that are free or reasonably priced and the following examples can also save you time so that your attention can be spent on strengthening existing connections and raising more funds.

Finally, it’s also important to involve your staff and volunteers to help share your content. Not only does this help them feel connected to your cause and organization, but it helps expand your overall reach. Depending on where your organization is located geographically getting assistance from social media interns from the local college or university can also be beneficial, provided content is reviewed prior to publishing.

More Recommended Reading for Additional Tools:


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  1. Make it easy to actually get involved. Ask a friend to ask another friend for their help and advice (genuinely ask – not just as a means of raising money from them) and you’ll build supporters who will be committed to you. Create ripples of engagement and interest in the community by bringing people together to help you figure out how to keep your organization going. You’re interested in it, right? So other people should be, too. They’ll be your front line of supporters.

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