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TOMS Launches Marketplace Promoting Vendors with Like-Minded CSR Business Values

Research has shown that CSR business initiatives have a direct impact on consumer choices. This trend has created Socially Conscious Consumers who use their purchasing dollars and influence to try and improve the world around them. As the holidays approach and people start shopping for friends and family, it’s the ideal time to get the most impact from your hard-earned money by supporting businesses that give back. This is where companies like TOMS Shoes comes into play.

toms-market-promoting-csr-business-valuesTOMS Shoes pioneered the “One for One” concept whereby one pair of shoes is donated for each pair of shoes sold. They bring to light how something as simple as buying a pair of shoes can change the life of someone across the globe who may not otherwise be able to afford shoes. Other companies have adopted this concept including the expansion of TOMS into TOMS Eyewear along with Warby Parker, Moraleyes and BOBS by Skechers.

TOMS is once again being CSR groundbreakers with the launch of The Marketplace and with it the establishment of a “different way to shop”. The Marketplace sells over 200 products from 30 vendors that, like TOMS, have made giving back a priority in their business model. Although the vendors may not comply with the “One for One” concept, according to TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie “we’re all on the same team of people who integrate a social mission into our products.” Through the Marketplace, visitors can read and watch videos about all vendors and their area of impact.

The Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for socially conscious consumers so they no longer have to scour the web and vet the validity of the business/organization they deal with. Shoppers can search by product category which includes: jewellery, accessories, bags, apparel, home, tech and more. Shoppers can also choose to search by cause so that they can find items that support their preferred areas of need from six cause categories: children, education, job creation, health, nutrition and water. Visitors can also search the site by the continent and country they wish to support. This all makes for a more tailored shopping experience.

“At Toms, we feel it’s our responsibility to give companies that are integrating a social mission into their business some exposure,” Toms founder Blake Mycoskie told Mashable.

By opening The Marketplace, TOMS is increasing awareness of other products and promoting other like-minded businesses for the greater good. This truly represents a new way of doing business. I mean, it should be counter-intuitive to promote other retail businesses on your own retail site. To Mycoskie, it’s just another way of giving back and keeping his socially conscious consumers happy.

Check back for more posts on where you can shop your values this holiday season with gifts that will have an impact long after the holidays have past. You can start by checking out The Marketplace.

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