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Understanding outsourcing of call center services

The global market is changing at a rate that is unprecedented. Technology has changed the way we do everything and altered the bottom line for everyone. It would be a safe assumption to say that this applies to your business regardless of whether you are providing goods or services and we are quite naturally experiencing many similar changes within the call center industry. In the articles I write for Miratel I’ll help you establish the benefits of outsourcing your call center solutions and ensure we can engage you in an accurate and detailed analysis coupled with a costing proposal. Bridging this gap successfully to provide enhanced results for your business is where Miratel wants to step in.


The market is such than in 2010 an informed business must consider the true benefits of actual costs, technology, support, references and above all a strategic partnership. At Miratel we are dedicated to forming partnerships that lend our years of expertise to your business model and provide the insight and planning that allow you to project your actual costs and benefits. Satisfied customers are our ultimate commitment and by selecting an experienced call center based exclusively in North America we can deliver in each of these capacities.

In the articles that follow I will break down what we do well and how the service platforms we can provide will benefit your business. Understanding your needs fully allows us to best provide the best solutions and in my next post I’ll ask some initial questions to help you establish some primary answers as to whether you should outsource your call center or e-commerce solutions and why.

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