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Miratel provides an industry-leading donation processing service that fully integrates all channels of donations and all types of donations received by nonprofits and political organizations. Our experience, proven technology and robust donation processing procedures combine to form the perfect platform to capture your donor data and payment information via telephone, mail or online.

Experience and scalability are the hallmarks of our donation processing and receipting services. Since 2000 we have managed campaigns of all sizes ranging from small local initiatives up to large national campaigns. We are fully geared to accomodate the peak and valley nature of individual campaigns and are accustomed to dealing with greatly changing volumes in time sensitive situations.

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  • donation processing Overview of Donation Processing & Receipting

    Since our inception in 2000, fundraising has been at the core of our business and always will be. Miratel appreciates that telephone fundraising is an important tool that represents far more than donations – it also develops lasting relationships with immeasurable lifetime value. We know we are representing your organization, we understand that your reputation and credibility are at stake during every interaction.

    We’ve forged long-lasting relationships with some of the largest and most reputable nonprofit organizations in North America through delivering customized, end-to-end services that consistently excel. Our reputation as an industry leader in nonprofit fundraising has been achieved by delivering services nonprofits in an ethical, professional and cost-effective manner with an infrastructure that is customizable, expansive and flexible yet secure and reliable.

    These are just some of the reasons of why you can trust partnering with Miratel to provide donation processing and receipting services on your forthcoming campaigns. Contact us today to ensure your objectives are met and you get the results you expect.

  • donation processingApplications for Donation Processing & Receipting

    Miratel’s donation processing and receipting services can capture donations from varied campaign types:

    • Telephone fundraising campaigns
    • Direct Mail fundraising campaigns
    • DRTV fundraising campaigns
    • Lapsed donor reactivation
    • Inbound planned giving calls
    • Inbound telethon pledge calls
  • donation processingNonprofit sectors that we serve

    Miratel has extensive experience providing end-to-end fundraising services that are designed to benefit a variety of sectors within the philanthropic industry including:

    • Arts & Culture
    • Community Services
    • Education
    • Environmental & Animal Welfare
    • Health Services
    • Human Rights
    • International Affairs
    • Political
  • donation processingAdditional benefits of our Donation Processing and Receipting

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