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Miratel is dedicated to environmental awareness, accountability and stewardship at our contact centre and lettershop mail house. We recognize that our business has environmental impact and we are committed to performing operations in a manner that minimizes our carbon footprint.

We conduct and grow our business respectful of the environment and aim to protect and conserve our planet’s natural resources. Miratel practice integrity in fulfilling our environmental responsibilities through compliance of internal policies, external legislation and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement. In support of our commitment to environmental responsibility, Miratel will continue to enforce and build on the following green initiatives:

    • Facility‐wide recycling of glass, paper, wire, cable, electronics and cardboard.Mirate; Green call centre
    • Toxin‐free cleaning products only for all internal workspace and warehouse cleaning.
    • Practice responsible consumption, including equipment power‐down protocol, localized lighting allowing unused office sections to go dark and temperature control policies..
    • Sustainable sourcing and purchasing that gives priority to best environmental choices based on post‐consumer waste content, low impact, Energy Star rated, re-purposed products and vendor values.
    • Internal Green Committee comprised of Miratel employees who meet regularly to assess the effectiveness of Green Policies and explore new opportunities.
    • Maintain open communication with employees, stakeholders, and colleagues regarding green policies.
    • Retrofitted office lighting and other equipment with the most environmentally friendly options when replacing or expanding units.
    • All office renovations will take environment into consideration.
    • Office‐wide plastic water bottle ban and all employees to be supplied reusable stainless steel drinking receptacles with access to clean, filtered tap water.
    • Highest rated energy‐efficient hand dryers in all washrooms along with biodegradable toilet seat covers to reduce paper towel use.
    • Integrate environmental considerations into business decisions, including strategic planning of new and existing services and business opportunities.
    • Promotion of Meatless Monday within our operations and also via our blog.
‘Our personal consumer choices have ecological, social, and spiritual consequences. It is time to re-examine some of our deeply held notions that underlie our lifestyles’   David Suzuki


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