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Miratel is extremely well equipped to provide an expertly managed outbound telephone fundraising campaign that will reach your proposed goals while incorporating the highest standards of excellence and professionalism that would be in keeping with your organization. We have well over a decade’s experience successfully managing outbound telephone fundraising campaigns.

Our greatest achievement remains playing a key role in helping raise over $1.5 billion in fundraising revenue,  we currently place more than 3 million outbound fundraising calls annually on behalf of more than 100 charitable fundraising campaigns of varying size and sector.

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  • telephone fundraising services Overview of Outbound Telephone Fundraising

    Since our inception in 2000, fundraising has been at the core of our business and always will be. Miratel appreciates that telephone fundraising is an important tool that represents far more than donations – it also develops lasting relationships with immeasurable lifetime value. We know we are representing your organization, we understand that your reputation and credibility are at stake during every interaction.

    Miratel has earned the reputation of being an industry leader by combining proven methodologies with experienced leadership and consistently outperforming client program objectives for their outbound telephone fundraising campaigns. Our results continue to demonstrate  that outbound telephone fundraising is a viable and profitable marketing tool which will also greatly enhance the ROI for your fundraising campaign.

    These are just some of the reasons of why you can trust partnering with Miratel on your next telephone fundraising campaign. Contact us today to ensure your objectives are met and you get the results you expect.

  • telephone fundraising servicesApplications for Outbound Telephone Fundraising

    Miratel’s customized outbound fundraising services can benefit a wide variety of business applications:

    • Outbound charitable lottery ticket courtesy calls
    • Telephone fundraising campaigns
    • Donor/member appeal telephone calls
    • Donor/member courtesy and thank you calls
    • Donor/member appreciation win-back telephone programs
    • Donor/member feedback surveys
    • New donor appeal calls
    • Lapsed donor reactivation
    • Outbound planned giving calls
    • Event registration
  • telephone fundraising servicesNonprofit sectors that we serve

    Miratel has extensive experience providing end-to-end fundraising services that are designed to benefit a variety of sectors within the philanthropic industry including:

    • Arts & Culture
    • Community Services
    • Education
    • Environmental & Animal Welfare
    • Health Services
    • Human Rights
    • International Affairs
    • Political
  • telephone fundraising servicesAdditional benefits of our Outbound Telephone Fundraising

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