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We are pleased to publish our first Sustainability Report and to share the effectiveness of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts made to date which will also serve as a benchmark for further improvement and future development. The basis of our Sustainability Report is “creating a more sustainable and environmentally sound tomorrow” and that is what we plan to achieve as we keep our social justice and environmental values at the heart of our business.

We have never been more aware of the serious state of the health of our planet – it’s a concern for all of us on both a personal and business level. The current situation is deserving of our focused consideration and is the fulcrum of our CSR business policies. Through ongoing adherence and development, these CSR business policies leave us in the best position to conduct business in a manner that consistently respects these critical concerns.

CSR Business

Miratel strives to ensure that every business decision is made cognizant of its environmental and social impact. These areas include energy and water consumption, waste diversion, plastic bottle reduction, responsible procurement, toxin free cleaning and employee engagement each of which are covered in the report.

Miratel is dedicated to remaining leaders in the green business movement within our sector and making a lasting, positive difference in the world. We will constantly re‐evaluate how we do what we do to remain focused on the three pillars of success equally: economic, environmental and social.

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CSR Business CSR Business CSR Business