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Our vision statement is at the core of our every business decision:

‘Miratel is committed to protecting and enhancing our environment and making a positive difference in the world. With a caring eye toward future generations, we will focus on governance while driving business growth and creating a more sustainable and environmentally sound tomorrow’

contact centre green initativesMiratel’s industry leading contact centre and mail house services were founded with a commitment to the highest standards of quality, integrity, workplace conduct and business ethics. We are extremely proud to operate under those same principles today. Throughout our existence we have developed and continue to refine our overall corporate responsibility program which expands on those original principles beyond our workplace and into our global community – it is part of who we are.

As our planet continues to change, so should the practices of business. The objective of Miratel’s Green Policy is really rather simple – we consistently strive to reduce our overall consumption of our natural resources and minimize toxins. Through the implementation and adherence to our green initiatives and environmental controls, we continuously assess our processes and practices to identify opportunities for reduction in energy, waste and toxic emissions and our overall consumption habits.

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We also know that how we conduct our business activities at our Toronto call centre must to carried out to the highest ethical standards. Miratel believes that promoting social justice is our collective responsibility and as a corporation, we need to lead by example. We have come to realize and embrace that this is ongoing work and not a task with a defined start and finish. With a dedication to operating responsibly and developing solutions that consider not just our people but all people, its work we eagerly continue.

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