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Miratel handles multiple outbound call centre projects each tailored to meet the unique and dynamic needs of the individual client. Outbound calls offer a great opportunity to connect with your new and existing customers, evaluate a recent customer experience, remind customers that a payment is due, or as a follow-up to ensure that customers are satisfied with their products or services.

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  • Outbound call centre services Overview of Outbound Call Centre Services

    For more than a decade Miratel has provided industry leading outbound call centre services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our proven outbound call centre service platform is designed to enhance your customer experience and offer a proactive way for you to engage with existing and prospective customers to build brand loyalty. You will benefit from our expertly trained and motivated team and our depth of resources which can be customized to meet your specific project goals and requirements.

    Miratel’s outbound call centre services will help you grow your business, decrease costs and create a positive lasting impression with your customers. We look forward to developing solutions that will exceed your goals and expectations and help you better understand what drives customer loyalty to your unique brand.

    These are just some of the reasons of why you can trust partnering with Miratel for your next outbound call centre campaign. Contact us today to ensure your objectives are met and you get the results you expect.

  • Outbound call centre servicesApplications for Outbound Call Centre Services

    Miratel’s customized outbound call centre services can benefit a wide variety of business applications:

    Expert Relationship Management
    Lottery Customer Service
    Courtesy Calls
    Customer Care
    Political Calling
    Win Back
    Loyalty and Retention
    Data Breach Notification Calls
    Skilled Telemarketing
    Fundraising for health/caused-based charities, Team, Associations, Arts & Cultural Organizations
    Product/Service Calls
    Member/Donor Procurement
    Courtesy After Sales Calls
    Proficient Reservations
    Event Participation
    Appointment Setting
    Marketing Promotion Response
    Class/Seminar Registration
    Professional Market Research Survey
    Customer Loyalty
    Patient Satisfaction
    Brand Awareness
    Competitive Analysis
    Product Evaluation
  • Outbound call centre servicesIndustries that we serve

    Miratel has extensive experience providing outbound call centre services to fortune 500 companies and large national nonprofits. The industries that we are able to serve include:

    • Retail
    • Insurance
    • Manufacturing
    • Banking & Financial Services
    • Direct Response
    • Market Research
    • Political Fundraising
    • Nonprofit Fundraising
    • Telecommunications
  • Outbound call centre servicesAdditional benefits of Miratel’s Outbound Call Centre Services

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