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10 Best Countries for Reputation in 2013 and Canada Tops List

I love featuring world rankings and in particular those where Canada places favourably like best country to livesmartest countries, the happiest countries, the  most peaceful countries, the most sustainable countries, the friendliest countries, the most charitable countries, the most prosperous countries, the best countries for quality of life, the best countries for business, the top countries for life expectancy, the best countries for working women, the best country for world travel & tourism, the best countries for human development, the top countries for Clean Capitalism, the best country for child well-being, the best countries from social progress, the best countries for higher education, the most popular countries and the least corrupt countries and the best countries for paid vacation days. Today I am (very excitedly) looking at the 10 best countries for reputation according to the Reputation Institute’s 2013 Country RepTrak™ Study.

keep-calm-love-canada-best-country-reputationThe 2013 Country RepTrack™ study was published by the Reputation Institute (R.I) and was based on surveys of more than 27,000 people from the G8 countries. The R.I is the world’s leading reputation management consultant and has been measuring a cross-section of reputations since 1999. The methodology measured “the reputation of 50 countries based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect, as well as perceptions regarding 16 attributes that include it being viewed as: a safe place to visit, a beautiful country, having friendly and welcoming residents, having progressive social and economic policies, being run by an effective government, and more.” Data was collected between January and March 2013. Based on the criteria of the study, the 10 best countries for reputation in 2013 are:

  1. Canada – Score: 76.6. Canada has held it’s first place position on this list for third year in a row.
  2. Sweden – Score: 76.5. Sweden moved up one spot from a 2012 3rd place finish.
  3. Switzerland – Score: 76.3. Switzerland moved up one spot from 4th place in 2012.
  4. Australia – Score: 76.1. Australia fell two places on the list as they ranked 2nd in 2012.
  5. Norway – Score: 74.1. Norway held their 5th place ranking from the 2012 list.
  6. Denmark – Score: 73.3. Denmark moved up two positions from their 2012 8th place finish.
  7. New Zealand – Score: 72.5. New Zealand fell one position from their 2012 ranking of 6th.
  8. Finland – Score: 71.8. Finland fell one position from their 2012 ranking of 7th.
  9. Netherlands – Score: 70.6. Netherlands moved up one position from their 2012 10th place finish.
  10. Austria – Score: 70.6. Austria fell one position from their 2012 ranking of 9th.

The United States ranked 22nd this year just making it into the top half of the list with a score of 57.4 due to the “Obama effect” according to the report.

The use of such diverse metrics presents a well-rounded, comprehensive look at the various aspects of what creates a country’s reputation which can have a trickle-down effect. “A country’s reputation is its personal calling card,” says Michele McKenzie, Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) President and CEO. “We’re not just inviting the world to visit us; we’re capitalizing on our positive reputation to open new doors and create new opportunities for Canada, such as the impact of the business events travel sector on our economy.” Cheers Canada – well done.


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