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10 Top Countries According to Positive Peace Index

I often write about reports where Canada (or one of its cities) ranks on a global scale in a variety of capacities. I have written about how we faired amongst the smartest countries, the happiest countries, the best countries for entrepreneurs, the best countries to livethe most competitive countries to do business and the countries with the best reputation. I also recently wrote about the 10 most peaceful countries according to the Global Peace Index (GPI) – Canada had placed 4th so it naturally caught my eye.

Today, I’m continuing to explore the GPI by featuring the Positive Peace Index (PPI) – a supplemental report included in the 6th edition of the GPI this year. Both the GPI and PPI were published by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) “under the guidance of an international panel of independent experts with data collated and calculated by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).”

While there are many definitions of peace, these reports were based on 2 concepts – positive and negative. Negative peace is defined as the absence of violence on which the GPI was based. To determine positive peace, the IEP “used a statistical framework to derive what are the attitudes, institutions and structures that are associated with peace as measured by the GPI.

When compiling data for the PPI, there were eight indicators used: well functioning government; sound business environment; equitable distribution of resources; acceptance of the rights of others; good relations with neighbours; free flow of information; high levels of education; and low levels of corruption. The eight indicators were then broken down further into 21 categories and the top ten countries according to the findings of the PPI were:

  • 1) Sweden, score: 1.170 GPI rank: 13. Regional rank Western Europe: 110-most-positive-peace-index-countries
  • 2) Norway, score: 1.174 GPI rank: 9. Regional rank Western Europe: 2
  • 3) Finland, score: 1.240 GPI rank: 7. Regional rank Western Europe: 3
  • 4) Denmark, score: 1.267 GPI rank: 4. Regional rank Western Europe: 4
  • 5) Iceland, score: 1.328 GPI rank: 1. Regional rank Western Europe: 5
  • 6) Netherlands, score: 1.381 GPI rank: 25. Regional rank Western Europe: 6
  • 7) Switzerland, score: 1.382 GPI rank: 16. Regional rank Western Europe: 7
  • 8) Canada, score: 1.383 GPI rank: 8. Regional rank North America: 1
  • 9) New Zealand, score: 1.412 GPI rank: 2. Regional rank Asia Pacific: 1
  • 10) Ireland, score: 1.472 GPI rank: 11. Regional rank Western Europe: 8

The hope for the findings of the PPI is that “by measuring positive peace it is possible to determine another way to better understand how to reduce violence, but more importantly how to build the resilience within societies so they are less likely to fall into conflict.”

Much like the GPI, the PPI provides a snapshot of the economic, governance, social, attitudinal and political climate of each country. This is tremendously helpful to corporations or investors interested in doing business with a country and tourists wanting to travel to stable destinations. Immigration is also something the PPI can impact as those wanting to start over are most likely looking for a country that represents a better life and safe future. The findings in the Global Peace Index and the Positive Peace Index could play a role when these decisions are being made so countries should keep abreast of their standing and how they are perceived.


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