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12 Top Cities for Global Finance in 2015

Being a Toronto call centre we are very aware of the many amazing offerings of our great city and we are always interested in learning how it compares on a global scale in various areas like the best cities in the world to live,  cleanest cities in Canada and the USA, the best cities to visit in Canada, the most expensive cities to live in Canada, the most liveable cities for expats, the safest cities to live, the best cities to find love, the most livable cities, the greenest cities in Canada and the US and the top cities for quality of life.

Today we’ll be looking at the 12 top cities for global finance in 2015 based on The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) 17 produced by the Z/Yen group, a leading think tank in the City of London. The GFCI “has been instrumental in suggesting future strategies for the world’s major financial centres.” To determine these ranking, the GFCI drew from two separate sources of data – instrumental factors and responses to an online survey. The instrumental factors reflect the many factors that “combine to make a financial centre competitive” and these factors are grouped into five broad ‘areas of competitiveness’: Business Environment, Financial Sector Development, Infrastructure, Human Capital and Reputational and General Factors. The online surveys were “responses to an ongoing online questionnaire completed by international financial services professionals.”

Based on the data collected, the 12 top cities are:

  1. New York City: NYC once again holds the top spot but barely so and only its reputation helped edge out London.12 Top Cities for Global Finance in 2015
  2. London: Though London placed second, they are still the world leader when it comes to financial sector development and infrastructure.
  3. Hong Kong: It was the highest-ranking Asian city on the list and is thought of as a gateway to China.
  4. Singapore: They had the best business environment score of all Asian countries.
  5. Tokyo: Moved up one spot on this year’s list and scored well when it came to infrastructure.
  6. Zurich: Zurich was able to move up one from last year and is the second highest ranked European city.
  7. Seoul: They also managed to move up one spot from last year’s list
  8. San Francisco: San Francisco fell three sports to land eighth place this year; however, it is still the second highest-ranking American city.
  9. Chicago: The windy city was able to move up three spots from twelfth last year helping them break into the top ten.
  10. Boston: Boston fell one spot to round out this year’s top ten.
  11. Toronto: Toronto is the highest-ranking city in Canada and was able to hold its eleventh place position from last year.
  12. Washington DC: The US capital fell two spots and slipped out of the top ten.

It should be noted that other Canadian cities that made the full list included an 18th place finish for Montreal, and 33rd placement for Calgary.

It is encouraging to see how Canada is represented and how Toronto continues to place well on the world stage. Hopefully next year we’ll be reporting that Toronto cracked the top 10.


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