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4 Best Practices for Nonprofit Supporter Engagement Utilizing Video App on Instagram

In late June Instagram, the photo capturing and sharing app announced the introduction of Video on Instagram. Perhaps in response to the competing Vine, the platform acquired by Twitter earlier this year, more than doubles the length of Vine’s six second videos to fifteen seconds. As part of our Social Media series for nonprofit fundraising, I often write about the importance of diversifying content and including photographs and videos in digital marketing initiatives. Although there is tremendous value in producing videos with varying time lengths as demonstrated by the 4 Winners from the 2013 DoGooder Video Awards for Nonprofits and the 5 Top Nonprofit Videos from YouTube and the Lessons Learned From Them shorter videos can also capture and convey the right message to your community of supporters.

How Video on Instagram works: When using the application to take a regular picture you will see a movie camera icon. Select the icon to enter into video mode and you are also able to apply one of thirteen filters designed specifically for video. You can also select a scene from the fifteen second video as the cover image when it’s not playing and when being shared on social media platforms. Nothing else changes, the same control and privacy settings exist for video as they do for photos. The following are best practices to follow when implementing a short-video marketing initiative:

  1. viedo-instagram-nonprofit-supporter-engagementPurpose – Although Video on Instagram is new and gaining popularity it shouldn’t be used just for the sake of using it. Certainly there are many benefits in creating short video content, however there needs to be a clear purpose as to why this initiative is being used. Planning and defining the purpose of the video(s) and the message it should convey in advance will ensure it will generate the desired results.
  2. Tell a Story – Despite the short length of the video, it’s important that what is captured tells a story that has a beginning, middle and an end. Alternatively, if your complete message or story cannot be conveyed in the limited amount of time, you can make a multi-part video that can be released in sequence so that those watching anticipate the release of the next part. Be cautious when using this tactic as it may confuse your audience if the content is not titled as part of a series.
  3. Creativity – One strategy many brands have used is creatively announcing new products or events. Nonprofits can also use this strategy to broadcast accomplished goals, cause related news, sneak-peaks to events or give a glimpse of what the organization does, spotlighting volunteers, employees in the field or those who have benefitted from the cause. The more you can personalize the short-videos, the more likely you are to capture the attention and interest of your audience.
  4. Don’t Over-Post – Similarly to sharing content on other social media networks it’s important not to over-post. Although the video is short (seven to fifteen seconds), its content must be relevant and should complement the other content that is being shared. Consistency is key as your on-line community will become accustomed to the frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) of your videos so be consistent.

Ultimately platforms like Video on Instagram make it easy and fun to produce short videos that can be shared on social media platforms while engaging your community of supporters. However, much like every digital marketing initiative it’s important to plan in advance ensuring that there is focus in the content that is being created. For more video-related information, here is some recommended reading from some of my previous posts: 3 Insights into Creating Stronger Nonprofit Videos from New Benchmark Guide; Improving Nonprofit Fundraising Supporter Engagement through Mobile Videos; 6 Ways to Maximize Online Video Marketing for Nonprofit Fundraising Appeals and Supporter Engagement; 6 Tips for a Successful Video and Viral Marketing Nonprofit Fundraising Campaign; 6 Steps to Producing Successful On-Screen Nonprofit Videos; and 8 Types of Online Videos to Help Increase Supporter Engagement and Nonprofit Fundraising.


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