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4 Winners from the 2013 DoGooder Video Awards for Nonprofits

dogooder-nonprofit-fundraising-awardsRecently I wrote a review of 5 Top 2012 Nonprofit Videos From YouTube and the Lessons Learned From Them as part of our Social Media Series benefiting nonprofit fundraising and engagement.  These videos made the top 5 exclusively on number of views and while they were very popular there were good and bad aspects to each of them. As I did with the 2012 DoGooder awards, today I’m reviewing the winners of the 2013 DoGooder Video Awards for nonprofits which were recently announced. Four finalists were selected for each category amongst almost 1,000 entries by a panel of video experts and subsequently the winners were selected by a public vote. So without further ado, the winners (with my rating out of 5 stars)  are…

  1. Best Non-Profit Video Award – “Follow the Frog” by The Rainforest Alliance (3:10). This winning video tells an incredibly entertaining and fast-paced story which follows a very relatable character. Presenting the extreme thought of what the viewer identifies as what needs to be done to make an impact in the world and help the rainforest, the punch line is that it’s much easier than we think and does not require going off the deep end. The video was engaging, visually appealing, easy to follow and most of all funny. There was also an element of suspense following the lead characters voyage as you were on edge as to what would happen to him next. The video felt more like a Hollywood box office blockbuster with fantastic production values. *****/*****                                                       YouTube Preview Image
  2. Change Agent Award – “350km Message for Women with Ovarian Cancer” by Raf Bauer’s/Back On My Feet (2:03). In appreciation and love for everything his mother has done for him and for mother’s everywhere, this video follows a young man named Raf on his 350km journey across Scotland to raise money and awareness of ovarian cancer. Throughout the journey, Raf is posting photo messages of others online for every kilometer he walks. The video itself is simple, to the point and contains appropriate mood setting background music. However, there was no clear call to action and listing the websites of three organizations at the end of the video (one of which is a retailer) left me a little confused and overwhelmed as to where to go next. ***/*****                                                  YouTube Preview Image
  3. Funny for Good Award – “No Joke. Choice Matters. Everywhere.” By Pathfinder International (3:21). Produced by the global leader in sexual and reproductive health, the video demonstrates the inconsistencies in contraceptives for women leaving many without choice. Although the video delivered the message and had several funny moments it felt slow moving especially for an almost three and a half minute video. The lead medical character was funny at the start but grew to be annoying towards the end perhaps representing the real-life annoyance many women have to go through in trying to access contraceptives. It did have a strong closing with a direct call to action directing viewers to their site and to share the video. *** ½ /*****                                                                                                                                            YouTube Preview Image
  4.  Impact Award – “END7: How to Shock a Celebrity” by Sabin Vaccine Institute (2:42). A well deserved win. This video certainly puts a face to seven awful diseases including Elephantiasis, Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm, Trachoma, River Blindness and Snail Fever which afflicts millions of people worldwide. The introduction of the video shows how six celebrities including Emily Blunt, Tom Hollander, Priyanka Chopra, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Felton and Yvonne Chaka Chaka reacted to viewing the effects of these diseases. At first I was not sure what exactly they were watching, but once it was presented I found my reactions of shock and dismay to be similar to those of the celebrities. It was definitely an impactful video that had a clear message and an easy solution and end goal: eradicating these diseases by 2020. Not only was the video powerful in its strategy to include the reactions of celebrities but also in drawing attention to real-life threatening diseases that need to be cured. Images I will soon not forget. *****/***** YouTube Preview Image

Congratulations Winners! Each winner receives $3,500 in prizes, a free registration to NTEN’s 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference and placed on YouTube’s Spotlight. Jessica Mason, Manager of YouTube for Good mentions of submissions that “the videos are social, shareable, informative, entertaining and surprising. Multiple finalists collaborated with YouTube channels and creators to reach an even wider audience. Finally, the winners had a clear call to action outlining how to make a difference.

Do you agree with my ratings and assessments? Which video is your favourite?


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