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A twitter application that can help your nonprofit campaign immediately

So it’s over four years since Twitter launched, but are you using it to support your nonprofit effectively while building and engaging your followers? There’s much more to Twitter than sending out 140 character tweets, so make sure you are looking for applications that can provide more to your twitter followers than just links or re-tweets (recirculating existing information). I’ll share some of the best things I find via the blog in this and future posts. One such tool I tried out this week is not only easy-to-use but also has applications that could benefit your website and donor interaction immensely. Imagine if a simple program would alllow you to capture audio, photographs and screenshots/navigation while you record your voice giving instructions or added information and then allow the file the to be tweeted, emailed or added to youtube?

screenr-fundraising-services-twitter-toolIt’s a free tool called ‘Screenr’ and allows you to record up to five minutes of screen captures and audio which could be used to present information to your donors in a personal and visual way. For example if your website has just added a new section about events, you can use Screenr to show the viewer how to navigate to that part of the site whilst also providing background information about your nonprofit as you explain the new feature. It could be used to explain changes to a blog, a payment page or add detailed audio content to a special event such as a lottery campaign or fundraising event that seeks additional volunteers or publicity. You could also create brief podcasts on a regular basis with updates and news for your followers.

Best of all it just couldn’t be easier to make your file. The website has a very simple one minute tutorial and provided you know what you want to say making the video with your recorded information is just point-and-click. You can set the dimensions for the screen capture the website navigation in real-time, or pause and then record once again as you prepare for the next part of your presentation. One thing that every study shows is that the movement toward social media is accelerating in this tool truly allows you to personalize your contact with your audience, the recordings can be tutorial, informational or a great chance to say thank you to your donors and can clearly improve the feeling of engagement for your audience as they will hear your voice and your personal touch.

When you finish recording your file, the website will generate a link and transfer it to a saved file in less than a minute. From there you can either add a tweet or update via Facebook or e-mail to your followers from where they can click a direct link to view your recording. Having tested it myself not only is it easy-to-use but reliable and it has generated instant feedback. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

All you need is a twitter account to download the software, further information is available via the Screenr website. As experts in fundraising services this is a tool I can’t wait to try out for ourselves too.

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