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SKECHERS CSR Business Values Reflected in BOBS Shoes

Incorporating CSR Business values into the foundation of a business model has become increasingly popular with retail brands and the “One for One” concept in particular is a growing trend. The “One for One” concept was made popular by TOMS Shoes who pledged to donate a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair of shoes purchased. TOMS has now expanded its One for One concept to include TOMS eyewear. We now have Warby Parker and Moraleyes who also give one pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased. These brands are considered amongst the leaders of philanthropic retail and now you can add SKECHERS to this list.

SKECHERS is known for its’ innovate shoes like Shape-Ups, and trendy designs and they have now created a line of shoes that is borrowing from the concept put forth by TOMS. The SKECHERS’ line is called BOBS and it’s been built on the “One for One” model. BOBS shoes also bear a striking resemblance to those associated with the TOMS brand however the company says that their shoes are modeled after the South American alpargata shoe.


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SKECHERS created the line to give back as they are donating a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. The brand acknowledges that this concept is not a new one, but “it’s a great idea–and [they] are happy to be part of a charity movement that has the potential to impact so many.”

A large company like SKECHERS adopting the “one for one” mentality that lesser known brands have been promoting demonstrates the impact the concept has had on the retail sector. Now even popular, established brands like SKECHERS are jumping on-board to express its CSR business values. Hopefully, it will continue to catch on with other well-known brands as this is what the ever-growing conscious consumer market segment wants.

The BOBS business model is a shining example of the triple bottom line as it takes the three P’s into account: people, profit, and planet. SKECHERS is making money on the sale of the shoe, hence it is profitable. They are caring for people by giving away a pair of shoes for every pair sold and they are considering the environment by using environmentally friendly packaging and creating less waste.

BOBS will have a huge impact because of how many retailers carry the SKECHERS line and the brand’s existing market share. The BOBS line is already available at both high and low-end retailers, as well as on the SKECHERS’ website where it is accessible to an even larger base of potential consumers.

People want to shop their support of brands that are giving back and doing something positive in the world. When you combine CSR business values with a trendsetting brand synonymous with comfort, value and style you are sure to have a winning formula.
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