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The Heart&Stroke Ultimate 25’s Lottery Programs Fundraises for Nonprofit

For over 11 years Miratel have proudly provided lottery management services to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario for their lottery fundraising campaigns in their mission to extend lives of all Canadians. When 1 in 3 Canadian lives are taken before their time, supporting their lottery programs help them in the quest to give Canadians longer, fuller lives. Founded in 1952, the Heart and Stroke Foundation was established with the purpose to raise awareness and educate about the prevention and management of heart disease and stroke and to help fund heart and stroke research.


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The statistics are startling, including being regarded as the #1 killer amongst women, 90% of us have at least one risk factor and almost 70,000 Canadian succumb to heart disease and stroke each year. With a goal of saving the equivalent of the population of a typical Ontarian town (25,000), they plan to reduce deaths by 25% by the year 2020. That’s a great goal towards improved Canadian health and longevity, however it requires funding. Funding is through the generous support of donors and supporters, many of whom have had heart disease and strokes affect a loved one or themselves.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation runs many community-based fundraising events throughout the country to continue the funding and advancements of their mission. It’s through these efforts that not only are they raising valuable funds, but also spreading awareness of the importance to minimize risk factors that contribute to heart disease and stroke. Some past events have included: Ride for Heart, Heart Month, Jump Rope for Heart, Hoops for Heart, Big Bike, Hockey for Heart, Polo for Heart, Fit for Heart and charitable lotteries.

Their Ontario based lottery programs have successfully raised millions of dollars for almost two decades. Their latest program The Heart&Stroke Ultimate 25’s Lottery has an incredible prize pool of 25,103 prizes worth over $7.1 million. Following The Ultimate 25 theme, the lottery offers 25 prizes in different prize categories, most impressively 25 x $200,000 Grand Prizes. Other prizes include 25 Car Prizes, 25 Trip Prizes, 25 Sony Electronics Prizes and 25,000 other prizes.


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By participating in this lottery program not only do you have a chance to win from an exciting prize pool, but you also contribute to a cause that affects Canadians coast to coast. Ticket pricing includes 1 for $25, 5 for $100 or 15 for $250. An Early Bird Prize draw is coming up, consisting of $200,000 but you must order before midnight on Wednesday June 7th, 2012 to qualify. The final ticket sales are by midnight June 12, 2012. You can order your tickets online or call 416-640-2550 or 1-855-946-2525 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. This lottery is intended for residents of Ontario, for other Heart & Stroke Foundation fundraising initiatives in your community/province, please contact your local area office. Good luck!

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Heart&Stroke Ultimate 25’s Lottery

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